In Truth…

William - Easley, South Carolina
Entered on January 1, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

If it is at the cost of the Healthy; whatever that cost may be, by which we ensure the health of every living creature then this I believe – Survival of the Fittest. As such, it is not the cost of a non-smoking taxpayer with a sick child or health issue of their own to ensure an alcoholic with cirrhosis can see a doctor and be diagnosed and treated for anything from a respiratory tract problem to gout.

I am not as fit as I can be; however, I would not expect someone else to cover the costs of my problems. Times are tough and people are suffering, always. We The People – have suffered and endured; not just Soldiers, Police Officers, Firemen and women; but children in and of all ages. We will continue to endure. Is it instinct, education, what?

I am not against the downtrodden, unhealthy, homeless, undereducated, or for that matter smokers. I am not against our Government but opposed to Government control of major Capitalist Market Industry. Do I owe? Yes. Do I want everyone to owe? No. Personally – I would rather starve, and have been close to doing so, than accept a “handout” from someone who does not agree or believe in me or for that matter that I do not believe in or agree with.

Legislation can if applied correctly control waste, fraud and abuse within all Sectors and at all levels. It is futile to presume success of Government Administered Healthcare though on some levels already it is. Success – in a small country – may perhaps be found using this model. In closing, many instances document an Alcoholic is just that for some inherent reason or rather root cause. I do not want our current Government to expend time creating programs under a guise of goodness only to find in the end that all that was created was a festering, alcoholic.