This I believe: Life is Not Worth Living

Steve - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on December 31, 2008
Age Group: 65+
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This I Believe …

Life is Not Worth Living

Except for the fortunate few, life is not worth living. Rather, it’s is a giant crap shoot. And, as everyone knows, with gambling only the house wins. So, it’s not a matter of whether anyone will crap out but just when.

Even if someone is born now and not sometime in the past when disease, pestilence, and death weren’t constant companions, that disease, pestilence, and death would still be constant companions? And, what are the odds that you’ll have to support someone dear to you through disease, pestilence, and death before succumbing yourself?

People make mistakes. And over 18 years of raising any one child, what are the odds that any parent won’t make a crucial mistake even if the parent isn’t psychotic to begin with. Whatever the mistake, it will come back to haunt the child like a malevolent Jacob Marley rather than a beneficial one.

What is the likelihood if you haven’t been fouled up by your parent that someone you choose as a spouse will have been. And you will then he haunted by an in-laws flaws. And you will suffer a bad spouse and even with divorce never be able to escape that person?

And, of course, either the fouled up you or your fouled up spouse will then pass on the fouled-up-ness to your kids to pass the problems into yet another generation.

What are the chances that some boss somewhere at some time in every organization is incompetent, malevolent, or both? And what is the likelihood that you’ll be on the receiving end of that incompetence or malevolence?

Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe the reason that the world is so screwed up is because God isn’t the all-good personality that all religions promise? Maybe things are so bad in the world because God isn’t all-good. Perhaps that God has some of the same failings that humans do. Perhaps God has a pathological personality too and just likes to inflict suffering on his creations. Or, perhaps he (or she) is just not competent.

And, what if there is nothing you can do to avoid crapping out? What if no amount of education, no amount of counseling by good-hearted people, no amount of even wealth makes a difference in your ability to avoid your ultimate fate?

Consider suicide early – avoid the rush later.