Getting Lost in the Music

Emma - Ames, Iowa
Entered on December 31, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in the power of music. I believe that it brings people together in unity. I also believe it has the power of change. Change your mood, change your attitude, or even change a situation. Life would be so different without music. So much less.

Music is not just art, it is spirituality. Musicians pour their souls out into an album with roughly 15 songs, each 3-5 minutes. And then after their album sells, they start from scratch, writing another chapter in their lives to share with the world. They’re inviting people to join in their personal musical bubbles, and enjoy the energy and passion with them.

One of the many great things about music is the variety. There is a perfect album, band, and song out there for anybody. Just as the time keeps changing, so does music style. Just when you think the music industry has come up with everything possible, and nothing new and original can come out, a unique indie band rises, and sets the path for a new genre of artists to appear. All music positively affects someone.

Letting the music take over your mind and body does the soul good. Getting lost in the perfect song is a sanctuary. When it enters, it moves through your head, triggering that automatic head bob. It then tingles down your spine, and spreads throughout your arms, causing your fingers to tap. Finally, through your legs to your feet, which then take a course of their own. Yes, when you find this perfect song, it is impossible to sit still.

My connection to music feels endless. Music is my passion in every sense of the word. Listening to it, creating it, music makes me feel at peace with myself. I have learned how to play two instruments, am learning to play two more, and have previously been involved with vocal music as well. Music has opened my eyes about myself, and about the world around me. It has been a reality to escape to when I wanted to temporarily hide away from my own. Music has made a big impact, and has deeply affected me.

This, I know now, is one of the greatest musical moments of my life. It is a starry July night in 2007. I look at my best friend standing next to me, anticipating what was coming next on the stage. The multi-colored lights start flickering and streaming across the band on the stage. The next song in Casting Crown’s lineup starts, the guitars giving out a gentle melody, and the violins enter in the background. Mark Hall’s voice comes on the big amps, and is echoed in the crisp summer air, across 15,000 people. I can feel the music flowing through me. “If we are the body, why aren’t his feet going” – I close my eyes, and get lost in the darkness of my eyelids.- “Why is his love not showing them there is a way?” The same darkness that everybody in this field are getting lost in too. Here in this moment, with Casting Crowns leading us, we are one. One soul. One body.

Music never ceases to amaze me. When everything else in life doesn’t make sense, music will be there to catch and carry you through.