This I Believe

Kathy - Royal Oak, Michigan
Entered on December 31, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: change, hope

The inauguration of Barck Obama is proof that our times of change came through the concerted efforts of “we the people.” also believe that “we the people” have the heart and soul to address the issue of genocide that masquerades as US foreign aid in Africa.

The current administration’s 5 year plan of 2006 to control malaria through DDT us in an “Indoor Residual Spraying” (IRS) campaign exposes poorest populations of Africa, daily, to a pesticide that damages human reproductive health. Rollback Malaria Initiative and USAID Programs provide funding for outdated pharmaceuticls that are administered to children and pregnant women. The malaria parasite has proven resistance to these drugs. The most effective 3-day course of a single pill per day, costs $0.50 per day per child under 5 years. This treatment is still unavailable to these poor populations.

The issue, of course, is multinational corporations and governments, eager to develop the vast natural resources of AFrica. This is intentional policy. I beieve a population that rallies with the slogan, “Change you can believe in,” is ready to change our foreign policy. This I believe.