Caitlyn - Provincetown, Massachusetts
Entered on December 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Karma, the idea of it seems mystical, even unbelievable. What comes around goes around, as the saying goes. I happen to believe in karma. Haven’t you ever done something you know you shouldn’t and then had something bad happen afterwards? Or done a good deed, and then had a stroke of luck afterwards? In some ways, it’s a hard concept to grasp. That one action affects another. Some people live by karma. They do good deeds, in hopes that it betters their day, and panic if they do something wrong. I don’t believe that you should let the concept of karma affect the way you live. It should be a background affect.

I’ve had my fair share of karma in my life. For instance, this summer I had to drive my friend to take her collage placement test in Boston. We were at a traffic light and saw a homeless man on the side of the road with a cup for money. She wanted to give him some money, but I didn’t want to take the time to stop. So we didn’t. When I got to the next traffic light, the light was broken and I ended up getting in an accident. We were able to drive away, and on the way back I did stop and gave the guy some money. I totally believe that if we had stopped, a car would have gone ahead of me and I wouldn’t have been the first person at the light. Another time, while I was working, a little girl dropped her ice cream. I felt bad since she used her own money to get it so I gave her another even though I wasn’t supposed to. Later that night when I was about to close someone came in and gave me a 20 as a tip.

Karma happens every day, it’s always there. It might be something small that we may not notice, or something that has a huge impact on our lives. Some people say it’s just coincidence. I don’t believe that it is. I honestly think that what goes around comes around.