This I Believe

Karli - Beavercreek, Ohio
Entered on December 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe anyone can truly achieve anything they set their mind to. I believe they can overcome obstacles that are taller than mountains. Anything is possible, it’s not about how much they bench at the gym, or how they always make honors in their classes, it’s about the desire, the drive, the want, and the ambition to accomplish the goal. I believe if you want something, go for it – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, or try to manipulate you. I believe family is everything, and great friends later become family. In the end, family is your support, your backbone, the ones who never leave your side, even when things feel unbearable. I believe parents should give their children freedom, not let them run free, but give them the proper guidance and see how they use it without being instructed what to do, and what decisions are right and wrong. I believe too much control on kids lead them to rebel. I believe most students don’t use a majority of what they learn in high school. I believe teachers should befriend their students; it makes class more enjoyable for everyone. I believe that there are too many kids in high school that dress and act the same, as if they are totally conformed. I believe that the youth of the nation hold the key to the countries future, the ‘geeky’ kid that always got made fun of in high school could be the wealthy man who signs my pay check ten years down the road. I believe everyone in society is equal. I believe it’s wrong to discriminate against a particular race, gender, religion or sexuality. I believe strongly in karma, everyone will eventually get what is coming to them, whether it is good or bad. I believe there is no Heaven or Hell, but I do believe in the after-life and ghosts. I believe the increase of child obesity is not because there are fast food restaurants all around, but it is because of the laziness of parents. Instead of making a healthy dinner for everyone, parents give their kids junk food and let video games entertain them rather than going to a neighborhood park and play on the jungle gym. I believe that global warming is true, and it is happening. I believe animal cruelty is one of the most in-humane things someone can do to another life. I believe in capital punishment – some people really do deserve it. I have many beliefs, and I’m sure people will consider them debatable. They are my beliefs, and how I truly feel. No one can tell me otherwise, and I will strongly stand for my beliefs. This I believe.