I Believe in Vegetarianism

Morgan - Hillsboro, Oregon
Entered on December 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that animals should be treated equally to people. As if they had an opinion on whether or not they were to be turned into a meal, that us greedy humans mindlessly indulge on without even thinking about where it came from. If a human was slaughtered and cut into the shape of a steak, would the consumer know if it was a cow or a human? I think not.

I believe in the serene silence of gentle farm animals not being slaughtered. You should be able to walk through a farm while winter is quickly approaching and not hear a shot being forced through the dense head of a cow, or a baby sheep’s cry as its mother gets cut open.

I believe that if a person cannot stand to see an animal slaughtered, and their meat ground up and turned into their dinner, than they should not be allowed to eat it. I believe in vegetarianism, a life where a person’s survival does not depend on animals flesh. One November day, when I was in the fourth grade, I visited my grandparent’s house. My grandfather was turning our beloved cows into repulsive sausage links. The first thing that my grandfather did was put slabs of meat into a large machine, which ground it up into a raw hamburger. As he twisted the handle, meat started to gush from the spout into these disgusting things that resembled tubes. The thought that what I was creating was made from the cows that were once in my grandparents own backyard was a concept I hadn’t yet grasped. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Soon after this experience, I asked my grandfather where the meat that we used to make the sausage came from. His response? “Haven’t you noticed that them cows, Dot and Spot, or whatever you kids named em’ are gone?” This answer terrified me.

“And the stuff the meat went into? What was that?” I later asked him. He answered in the two vilest words I had ever heard.

“Lamb intestines”. This was the start of my vegetarianism; I had given up all meats.

The sixth grade was when the horrors of animal slaughter came clearly to me; I immediately gave up all meats and became a true vegetarian. I found protein supplements in non-soy whey protein powder and iron in high potency vitamins. To this day I remain very healthy and continuously active.

I believe that animal slaughter is a cruel and unusual punishment for creatures that are so close to us in not only the way they feel, but within their intelligence as well. I believe that animal slaughter is inhumane. I believe that if we vegetarians stand together, then the world will choose to live our life style. It should not be a trend, or something to put you in the “in crowd”, it should be your choice to save other mammals, after all, they’re just like you.