Sports Show The Future Is Bright

Andrew - Saint Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

On November 27, 2007, after watching an episode of NBC’s “The Office”, me and my mother were sitting in our living room watching the news. Seeing things about the Iraq War, the price of oil skyrocketing, and of the threat of a nuclear war, it was hard to look forward to my future. While contemplating the things that I had just heard after my mother left, I switched to my favorite television show, “Sportscenter.” I remember watching as the news developed that Sean Taylor, a Safety for the Washington Redskins, was murdered while his home was robbed. Even though I had never really liked this person more than any other football player, I was saddened of the news. After this event I kept my eyes on the Redskins to see how they would react to this. Just days after the death, the Redskins had a regular season game to play. Before the game they had a moment of silence for Sean. For the team’s first defensive play, they would come out with only 10 players on the field, as their honor to Taylor. This act alone moved me. In midseason, the Redskins had a 5-7 record and were not expected to make the playoffs. They would rally around Taylor’s death though and win their final four games. Even though they lost their only playoff game, the way in which they handled the situation inspired me.

This then got me thinking. I believe that sports show the future is bright. Even though my country was in a war, things were pricy, and we were enemy number one in the middle-east, I was confident in my future. I then thought of the Darryl Kile death during the St. Louis Cardinals 2002 season. Kile was one of the most popular teammates on the team. He was a leader to the team, and showed everyone how the game should be played. The way that the Cardinals rebounded from the death and dedicated the season to him was one of the most inspiring things that I have ever seen. I will never forget how this one man affected a whole city like he did. It was incredible. He brought the whole community together.

Even though when most people think of professional sports, they think of selfish players who have no loyalty and play for the highest bidder. Though most players today teach bad lessons to people, there are times when special lessons are taught. When I begin to doubt the future and humanity, I remember the times in sports when events happen that prove that humanity is not horrible. I believe that sports teach valuable lessons such as perseverance, respect, integrity, and teamwork.

Now sixteen years old and a sophomore in High School, I look at any doubters of the future and tell them the lessons that I have learned though sports. I will always remember Sean Taylor and Darryl Kile and how they made me believe that sports show the future is bright.