Life is What You Make it

Benjamin - St.Louis, Missouri Albania
Entered on December 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I took a moment to look at my life and decide what I believe, I found an answer that surprised me. I realized something profoundly important that will change the essence of how I act. I hope to reform my life and avoid the possible dark future I have set for myself. I realized that the more I put into life, the more I will get out of it.

In many aspects of my life, I am miserably failing. In school, I get A’s, in soccer I play for a team that is among the top 50 in the nation. How is this failure? The answer is that this is not what I am capable of. The effort that I put forth into my life is inconsistent and my success so far is not what is could be. Academically, I am extraordinarily lucky that I have been given intelligence and quick wits. Despite this, I wait until the night before an assignment is due to do it, do my homework as quickly as possible so I can go waste my time watching TV or going on facebook, and oftentimes do the bare minimum that is required to still get A’s. I am putting forth as little effort as possible, and I will thus get less out of in the future. When I am trying to get into colleges, I will think “Why didn’t I just take the time to work harder and get an A in that class?” and suffer for my laziness. I have the potential of being an outstanding student, but I am wasting on for no good reason. I should spend my time doing better on my school work, studying for tests, doing work ahead of time, and go beyond the minimum requirements. If I put the effort into my academic life, I will be rewarded accordingly.

In soccer, I am on a very good team and do well, but it is not where I should be. I spend time doing unnecessary things instead of working to better my skill. I am a natural athlete, good at almost every sport I play, and I have chose soccer as the sport I am dedicated to and want to excel at. Last year, I decided I needed to be better at juggling the soccer ball in order to continue to play at the competitive level I was playing at. Regardless of anything else, I practiced juggling every night on my driveway. After a few weeks, I was above par at juggling, and my effort had clearly paid off. Now, I know that there is huge room for improvement if I ever want to achieve my dream of being a professional soccer player, and that it is time I started putting the effort into making it happen. I can’t watch from the sideline and hope I achieve my dream, I am going to have to match what I will get out of soccer with the effort I am putting into it.

When I look at what I am doing wrong, it seems so easy to correct. All it is going to take is the effort. I am 15 years old, and because I have found the problem, maybe I can fix it. Either I will fall into the hole I am digging for myself, or I will find the energy to jump out of it and land running. My whole life is ahead of me, why waste it? If I put more effort into my life as a whole, I will get as much out of it as I could want. I believe I can make my life whatever I want to, so watch out world, here I come.