The Mesmerizing Powers of Food

Michael - Port Jefferson, New York
Entered on December 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

All of my life, I have had a passion for food. I love reading about it, learning about it, and above all eating it. Food has power over everyone, including yours truly. Whether someone is going without it, eating too much of it, or just having a normal amount of it, food controls our personalities. Think about it, a good meal can put you in a good mood; a bad meal can put you in a horrible one. I have been in a terrible mood, and then went out to a nice restaurant and ordered a nice steak smothered in sauce and forgot all about my recent tribulations. I have also had the opposite happen: I have been in a good mood and gone out to eat and have a burger that was certainly microwaves; needless to say it completely ruined my day. I know food, like anything else, affects all people differently. For me though, it always makes or breaks me. You might be asking yourself: Why is this kid writing about food when there are much more important things in today’s world? Well the answer is, this year, for the first time ever I started to really appreciate food. I had to go on an extremely rigorous diet to get in shape for a sport. The reason I did this was because this year I wanted to really prosper athletically this year. It took every ounce of will power to not gorge when my parents brought home food. But I kept my composure and ultimately achieved my goal. When I could finally eat, my mood changed completely. I went from irritable and bland back to happy and vivacious. My grades picked up again and I felt much better. Food is something that people take for granted, but without it, or even altering your normal regimen drastically affects you. Food has powers beyond our wildest comprehension. I am passionate about food because I know what it is like for it to be taken away. Food has power, don’t take it for granted.