just smile

maria - brooklyn, New York
Entered on December 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A smile is always on my face. I believe that smiling for long enough will eventually bring happiness. I live by this, smiling whenever possible.

I finally figured out how this works: I smile, others feel good, then the smile becomes genuine.

Let’s say that I fail a test (this happens a tad too often for my taste), the first emotion to dance across my face would be accompanied by a smile. True, the reasons for this smile could be rather sad, but nevertheless… I smile. Around me, my friends wonder if I am crazy, for no sane person would smile at a 50%, but it’s my way.

Recently I came to understand that science is a foreign language to me. Try as hard as I might, I still fail. Whereas anyone else would be discouraged by these less than satisfactory results, I simply smile. I could spend the entire period laughing and smiling with my friends at the weird way we chose to understand this confusing material. The smile also unlocks worlds of meaning, I have no idea why, but when I examine the material with a smile, it makes more sense.

The longer I smile, the more confused my friends look: cocked heads, stares, and questions of my sanity. This is just too funny for me, so I act crazier, just to yank their chain.

I present myself as a happy person. What I may feel like inside can be forgotten, even by me but all that matters is the way my outer shell feels. In the face of all life may throw at you, your strongest weapon is a bright smile.