Treasured Moments Captured With Just a Click

Kristina - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Sometimes I can sit around looking through photo albums for hours. As I flip through the pages I reflect upon all of the happy moments that I have experienced in life. What fascinates me is that it was the click of a camera that made it possible for all of my treasured moments to be captured forever.

The photo album of my childhood is very special to me. As I look through this album it reminds me just how wonderful my life really is. On the front cover of the album there is a picture of me wearing an orange dress that my grandma knitted all by herself. I look at all the details-the beautiful flowers and leaves- on the dress and it makes me feel so special that my grandma knitted it just for me. There is also a picture of my cousin and I enjoying the wonderful outdoors. We are sitting in the fallen leaves and there are tons of trees surrounding us. My cousin and I look happy as we sit in the leaves laughing and enjoying the present moment. Another picture that puts a smile on my face every time I see it is the one in which I am hugging my grandpa very tightly. The beaming smile on my grandpa’s face means so much to me. After his brain surgery my grandpa lost the ability to communicate through speech. Therefore, all of his emotions are visible through his facial expressions. Looking at his smile always reminds me that he truly does love me even though he cannot put that into words.

I believe that a photo album is priceless. Whenever I am feeling unhappy and sad all I have to do is open up a photo album and the happy memories will bring a feeling of joy and comfort. Some people rely on music to help them through stressful times. Just like music helps some people, opening up a photo album helps me. Photo albums are my way of balancing out my emotions. As I look back at my happy moments of the past I am reminded that there will be many more good times in life. So, even if I am really upset a photo album works its magic and provides me with the comfort of being able to move on even in the hardest of times.

I believe that it is important to treasure all of the happy moments that life brings us. Being able to look back at fun times in life should not be taken for granted. My treasured moments that are captured in photographs will remain with me forever and I am truly grateful.