A Thousand Words And Just One Picture

Manisha - St.Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Since I turned two, I have never lived in one city for more than five years. The older I become, the more I feel as though I do not have that one best friend that’s supposed to always be there. I am grateful that I have been able to meet so many people, but I am also sad that I don’t have that one person in my life. One good thing that has come out of moving around so much is that I get to meet so many different kinds of people, and most of those people are people that I have made memories with over the couple of years that I have gotten to know them. They are people that I never want to forget. When I was in third grade, about seven years ago, I decided that I was not going to cry about moving any more.

We have all heard the phrase “a picture means a thousand words”, but people don’t always stop to think about what that phrase means. I believe that pictures keep memories alive. I believe that when a picture captures a moment it doesn’t just capture a moment, it captures a lasting memory.

I decided that instead of looking at all the bad that has come from moving, I decided to look at the good, and I decided to make the best of things. I now see how moving to Fort Smith and living there for four years brought me so many wonderful memories. That year, before I moved to Ohio, I came up with an idea to make a scrapbook. I had all my closest friends put their pictures of us and themselves on paper which I later inserted into my scrapbook, which is now close two hundred pages. Each time I look at those pictures I am reminded of the people I met and the places I lived, and I am reminded of the memories that I created with them. If it weren’t for those pictures then I don’t think that I could ever remember my past. My scrapbook brings me hope for the future that I will one day reunite with those amazing people and that one day we will be able to create new memories with new pictures. Now, when I look back on that scrapbook, I am thankful that I was able to start making it as early as I did because it has helped me keep in touch with people whom I probably would have forgotten about. When I first started photography I thought that it was just fun, but now I have realized how much of an impact it has had on my past and how much of an impact it has can have on my future. I have learned that a picture doesn’t just capture a moment, it captures a lasting memory.