A Mother’s Love

Abagale - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in love, the love between a mother and her child. This love has no beginning or end, it just is. I do not know how much my mother loves me, but I love her, unconditionally, and forever.

I’m constantly reminded how much my mom loves me through my memories, those pleasant and those not so much. I learned how much she cared not through words, but through the emotions that filled the atmosphere. I had woken up sick, but because I’m me, I wanted to work through my pain. I rolled out of bed and walked to get a shower. In the bathroom, the cream colored tiles turned shades of lime green and magenta. I knew that I was about to faint, so I laid down, and waited for the dizziness to stop. After a while my mom came to check on me, and I told her that I was afraid that I would fall if I tried to get up. She helped me finish my shower, and led me to my room, and went to tend to my sister.

I climbed onto my bed , and began to brush my hair. All of the strength I had left seemed to be draining from my body, I wondered how there was any left to drain away. I eventually gave up, picked up my hairdryer, and attempted to dry my hair. Within thirty seconds, my arm was shaking, I began to be scared, not knowing what was happening. Giving up on that too, I placed the hair dryer, on my lap. With my remaining strength, I turned it. Feeling helpless, I whispered my mom’s name, unable to say anything any louder. For a few minuets I sat there, trying to gain enough energy to call the name of the one person I wanted to see. Without words, she came into my room, I looked up, and with silent tears running down my face, I begged for help.

She completed the daily tasks that I could not, making me feel that I was going to be alright.. As we ran out of time, she pulled up my hair, being extremely careful. All I had to do was point, and she got it, whatever I wanted, I became embarrassed that I couldn‘t dress myself, but I let her help me.

As we continued to get me ready, my tears trickled down my face, I hated the pain and worry I saw in her eyes. I wished I could let her know that everything was going to be okay, but I couldn‘t. I was scared to leave her side, wondering what would happen to me when I had to. When she dropped me off at school she told me good bye like usual, but when I looked up at her face, the worry that I thought would pass was still there. But I was okay because the love that she had given me that morning had been enough to keep me fighting the entire day.