The Harmony in Music

Michael - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on December 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever wished that you could just get away from everything that is bothering you in life? Well music allows me to do just that, it transports me to a whole other world; a world in which music soothes my soul. In this world I feel invincible, like Superman, and nothing can disturb me or get on my nerves. This world is so vivid and colorful, it enables me to imagine that I can do anything and go anywhere that I want!

I first developed my belief that music soothes me about six years ago as I was riding in the car with my dad. I don’t really remember where we were going, just that the radio was playing. Also I’m not too sure why, but me and my dad had an argument. I’m sure there was a bit of yelling and a few choice words that maybe I shouldn’t have said; it was so bad that neither of us talked for the rest of the ride. Since I had nothing else to do I started to listen to the radio. As I was listening to the music more and more I started to really focus on the lyrics and the background music and it helped me to mellow out a bit. A little while after that the music was making me feel pretty good, and I began to realize that the argument was futile, so I apologized to my dad.

At one point in my life, about five years ago, music helped me get through depression. I guess the reason I was feeling depressed was because of my family’s financial situation. We owned so much debt that I was scared that the bank would take our house at any moment. Sometimes I would worry so much that it would make me sick, and I wouldn’t finish my homework. Not finishing my homework would cause my grades to drop some. Just thinking about those facts would make me so sad that I would almost cry. But when that would happen I would just put a CD in my CD player, throw my headphones on, and turn it up. The music would instantly drown out all my worries and sadness. After a few months of almost nonstop music I just got used to the idea that we might lose our house. If worst came to worst we could just stay with relatives for a little while.

Music, it’s my escape from the things that bother me in the world. When I just don’t feel like putting up with the nonsense I listen to some music and it blocks it out of my mind. When I am listening to music it takes me to my own little world in my head where I can do anything, be anyone, or go anywhere I want. If I could I would just listen to music all day and do nothing else at all. Music is my life; it soothes my soul.