Joey - Westminster, Colorado
Entered on December 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The whole idea of teamwork is to work with other people, no matter how different their views may be, and reach the one goal that you all have in mind. This is definitely not an easy thing to achieve. I have learned this from my own past experience and it is my hope that today, you will be able to learn the importance of teamwork, also. So, I believe in the amazing power of teamwork.

When I first think of teamwork, I usually think of sports. Most people do. However, that’s not always the case. Teamwork is also critical in the office life. When you and your team of co-workers are given a big project, with a special bonus for doing the best, for that big CEO that you absolutely hate, you have to remember that the bonus is going to go to your whole team and not just you.

I’m willing to bet that all of you have participated in at least one team sport in your life whether it is soccer, baseball, basketball, or football; they all have one essential concept. No, it’s not to have the ball or throw the farthest or try to be the big star. This concept is something we’ve all heard before—teamwork.

When I was about five or six years old, my parents put me in a little kid soccer league; it seems like just about every parent does, nowadays. Of course, I was too young then to understand anything more than get the ball in the goal and don’t take it out of those white lines on the side. However, there was one thing that I was certain of, you definitely CANNOT get the ball to the goal without the help of your teammates. That’s why there were ten more of them. And when I started basketball in fifth grade, it’s not a one-man show. You can’t rack up a great amount of points by yourself. Then I started football in eight grade, and let me tell you, that is one hell of a sport where you can’t even think of surviving without the rest of your team. It hurts without them—literally. With all these team sports, I have learned how critical it is to understand the real power teamwork can have. When you have the ability to work with the rest of the members of your team, you reach your ultimately goal of well, winning.

This kind of cooperation takes effort from everyone, though. Seriously, even if just one person doesn’t try to put some effort into working together, it can throw the whole team off. When one person decides to hog the basketball, it’s really not fun for anyone else, plus it’s just plain annoying. I believe that you’re all ONE team and as this ONE team, you need to act like ONE team and when this ONE team all comes together, teamwork begins to show its magic. Do you know what teamwork is now? Well I think that the next time you wanna be the big star or be that one-man show or be the worker that takes all the credit just that extra bonus, take a good look at that board and think: is my name on the company wall? is my name up on the scoreboard? Will your company or team be the true winners? Well, yes, they will. But only with teamwork. So, I believe in the amazing power of teamwork. I know what things it can do. Why don’t you give it a shot? I think you’ll like what happens.