A Smile

lea - rehoboth, Massachusetts
Entered on December 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that a smile is contagious. This past summer I got my first job in the fast food industry working at Taco Bell. At first everything was new and I had to learn so much in such a short amount of time. Most importantly I were shown the importance of customer service. It is like a tape playing in the back of my mind. Smile, greet the customer in five seconds, ask if they would like a drink, and push whatever promotional item we were selling that week. Out of all the things that were drilled into me, I realized that a smile says more than a thousand words.

Now, I’m the type of person who is never late for anything. I hate being late so when I punched in fifty minutes late one day at work I felt horrible. After rushing to put on my uniform I realized that there was an unfamiliar face helping out. I asked the shift manager who it was and I found out that it was the franchise owner, Dave.

I quickly put a headset on, counted a drawer and headed over to my designated station, the drive-thru window. Before I could even take my first order Mike, our head manager, told me that Dave had been hearing great things about my drive-thru skills. Now I had to live up to this image that Dave has of me as a super skilled worker, which I’m not. I started taking orders smiling the entire time and letting the customers know that I was their to serve them in any way possible. Dave soon made his way over to where I was and helped me take orders. At first I was nervous but I soon realized he had the same idea that I did. Dave was cracking joked with each car that pulled up. The entire mood in the store changed. Instead of everyone being completely serious we were laughing and joking.

The next day the weekly news report for the stores came out. In it I was mentioned as one of the best drive-thru cashiers that Dave had ever seen in his years of being the head of the franchise. I was absolutely shocked, I mean I was an hour late to work, this had been the first time I had ever met this man in my life and he was giving me one of the greatest complements I could receive. The notice said that if any manager had an employee who needed to be trained on drive-thru they should come to see me.

As I read this I smiled to myself. I know that I’m not the best drive –thru employee. I am not the fastest and haven’t been there the longest. I realized that I had the most important thing of all; I had a love for what I do. If my customer wasn’t happy I did everything in my power to change that. I believe that a smile can overcome any barrier.