I Believe In Giving of Myself

Jake - Rocklin, California
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Many people believe in things. Whether it be life, liberty, or religion everyone has at least one belief. I personally believe in giving of myself to those I love: my thoughts, abilities, even money if need be, and last but not least giving them appropriate love. If I have the ability I will surely give of myself anything that I can to make a person I love smile.

I have personally seen many times what my giving can do for people. Whether it was my grandpa or grandma smiling because I selflessly made them a card for Christmas or my girlfriend smiling when I bought her that diamond pendant necklace she wears now. I see no need in keeping things, that I have little or no need for, to myself.

I feel that if I have something no matter how small and someone else can use it, even things such as my height, if I lend it to them it makes their world a brighter better place to be and it makes me feel good inside to see them smile. My grandma for example is a very short lady with a lot of arthritis and just a lot of aches and pains, but she just loves the way those heavy clay pans and baking dishes look up on her cupboards, as well as she stores them down in drawers and the way they cook the food. So she often asks me to help her either get one off its storage place and set it on the counter as she adds all her delicious ingredients to make a wonderful entrée’s and desert. Then when she is ready she asks again if I can take the food and put it into the oven for her and so I do, without complaint and when she smiles it makes it all worth it. Then after its done cooking she will usually ask me to take it out of the oven for her and again I do.

My girlfriend is a wonderful person she makes me laugh and smile and just feel great about myself she is always a very happy person, often enough though I don’t feel like I do enough for her. Then I figure it out and I go out and save up some money working hard to get it and I will take her out and treat her to a movie or dinner or something like that and all she does is smile and thank me. This makes me happy and makes me feel like maybe just maybe I am good enough and that maybe I do, do enough for her after all. I feel like I make a difference in her daily life as much as she does in mine.

I see that I make a difference in at least a few peoples lives and this I believe is the greatest thing a man can do in his life. There is no greater feat than a man who can make one or more people smile genuinely when everything seems so glum for them, because so many people out there make them feel poorly or just don’t seem to care.