Taking Control

Natasha - Rocklin, California
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Actions speak louder then words”. A quote I live my life by. When I was younger, I did not realize I was letting people live parts of my life for me. As I started growing older, I started to see that some of my “friends” were holding me back from living my life.

In April of my junior year in high school is when I started to take control. One of my friends, who’s name I will not state, was always having to know what I was doing; when, with who, and where. She was always getting angry with me; like if I was spending time with another friend too much or if I didn’t do something right. It wasn’t until the day I was being targeted by her physically. My “friend” was so furious with me because I did not tell her what I was doing. During school she would tell my friends things about me that was not true. For example she told my other friend that I always was lying to her and that I wasn’t truly her friend. So as time went on, I stopped talking to her, making some new friends, causing her only to become angrier. May 2, 2008 was the worst day of my junior year.

I was walking to another friend’s car that morning, as this “friend” was pulling up. I made sure to stay out of her way by walking in the planter box in the parking lot. She sped up to pull into the parking spot, and did not break until the last second. My heart was racing at that point watching her speed up. I never really found out why she had did that, if it was a way to scare me or if she was really trying to hurt me. I left school that day so I did not have to deal with her. My mom called the school and told them what had happened. I was told that the girl was going to be talked to and that neither of us can talk about the situation. She kept texting me and telling my other friends things to that it would get passed on to me.

Things kept being said until the last week of school. That’s when I decided to take charge. During a class with her, she started to threaten me. I asked to talk to the principle. After that she never said a thing again. When my action had stopped things from being said, I realized that I can always do something to stop something. As the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”. It’s true, if you take control of something, it will have the result you want. That is why I live my life by that quote.