One and Only

Rachel - North Port, Florida
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the person who can make me laugh no matter the situation. I believe in the person who pushes me to do my best, be my best. I believe in the woman who couldn’t turn her back on me. I believe in the girl I cry with. I believe in me.

In my world, I am the only sure thing, the one absolute. Every morning, I can count on my being there; ready to take on a new day. Every person in my life has the opportunity to leave me when ever they wish; not that they would, but they certainly can. This is a fact of life that I have struggled to understand through my young life.

I might never be pleased with someone else’s actions. I may never agree with some ones choices, and I may never be able to do anything about it. But I have one chance, one life to use as I see fit. Whatever my choice, whatever walk of life I will eventually choose, I trust that my decision will be good and right.

My way of thinking was not easy to come by; it was brought about by a lot of heartache and pain. Before, as I lost friends and fought with family, I would feel lost and betrayed because no one seemed able or willing to help carry my emotional burden. I felt alone. Slowly, I came to realize that there is someone, however insecure, that is strong and willing and understanding enough for me. And I was always right there, bidding my time.

My story isn’t much different from anyone else. I’m young; I have a lukewarm relationship with my family; my friends can be so shallow; I’m in love with the schools undiscovered heartthrob; I fear failure. I loose things, forget important dates; I am ninety-nine point nine percent like every other person. But it’s that small point one that sets me aside, makes me so very special; it’s what matters. Other people can believe in what they like; they can believe in the best, the sanest of things, but there will always be one single person who will always believe in me.