This I Believe.

Taylor - North Port, Florida
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

All people believe in different things. I believe in many things. What I believe in most though is love. Of course you can love your family members, or friends, but I’m talking about the love you have with that one special person. That one person who can make you laugh when you’re crying, or make you cry when you’re laughing. The one person who loves you regardless of your slight imperfections and flaws. Someone who appreciates your morals, and respects the fact that you’re not like “every other girl”. Some people search their whole lives for that one person. Most people believe it is close to impossible to find love at a young age. But, for me that is far from true. My story is different.

At the beginning of my freshman year I found that one person. All of my friends told me not to lose my heart to some senior boy who they thought was just going to use me. Our relationship was far from perfect, but it was worth all the tiny problems. He was the most amazing boy I had ever met, and he treated me great. He respected all of my beliefs, and was always there for me. I was so incredibly happy. Him and I were inseparable. We had a very open relationship, and he was extremely trustworthy of me. I had always said that I would never open up to someone, but he changed that. I’m not going to lie; I alienated myself from all of my friends. I mainly did this so I could put more focus on my relationship with him. For the most part, my friends were really aggravated with me. However, a select few understood the real love I had for my boyfriend. As the year went, on things with him and I had their ups and down, which mad us grow stronger. Back to what I was saying about not being perfect, we fought a lot. Sometimes we fought over stupid little things, but mostly over things that matter. Those made us grow closer and closer. In the end, things went bad and had to get put to a stop. Now, almost a year later, I still love him and he is forever a huge part of my life. We are thinking about trying again, and that would be amazing. No matter what though, he will always be my first love.

Throughout all of this though, I learned many things. You will love, be loved, lose love, and love again. Right now, I don’t plan on loving again. But, now I know finding love is not impossible.