Second Chances

Taylee - North Port, Florida
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

We all believe in some thing weather it is god or love or faithfulness, we have some thing that makes us sit back and think about right? Well the thing that makes me think so much is a second chance at the things you love the most.

I know you are you thinking what about those who didn’t get a second chance, I think that they got a second chance and then they went and messed things up for them selves. I mean people can’t be that cruel to not give them a second chance. I think no matter how bad you messed up I still think that people should be able to forgive and to forget.

I know what it is like to do some thing for the first time and have people look at you different and not be forgiven for what you have done. No matter how hard you try to show them you just can’t change their minds.

Life is hard with all of the challenges and it makes it harder on us when we know some one don’t in giving someone a second chance because we made a mistake. The way I see it is we all make mistakes no matter the age gender or what race we are, God has made to make mistakes, so that we may learn from them.

I think that no matter what we do in this life we should be given a second chance. If you know what you did was wrong and you want the forgiveness from some one and they forgive you, and some one wants your forgiveness just think of the person who forgave you and how thankful and sorry you were.