the powere of postive thinking

rhiannon - north port, Florida
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of positive thinking. Its kind of like the saying “you can do anything you put your mind to.” It’s so true; your mind is your most powerful weapon in life. I mean think about it. If you wake up in the morning and say to your self “this is going to be a crapy day” or “I’m going to have a bad day”. Then you’re probably not going to have a great day if you’re setting your self up for failure. But if you wake up and say “today is going to be good, and I’m not going to let no one get me down!” then you’re probably going to have a good day because your in high spirts and you have that good vibe radiating off you. But if you start off the day negative, you have that negative vibe, and other people feel it and it puts them in a bad mood! You can do so much if you just put your mind to it and tell yourself you can, instead of cant. But you got to believe it, and say to your self that you can and will! Like the summer before my freshman year. All summer I was terrified to go back to school. Not only because I was going into a different school. But because I thought since it was high school, it was going to be ten times harder and I was going to fail. So the whole summer I told myself over and over that I was going to fail right up to the first day! And since I put myself in that mind set, I did. I got really low grades in all of my classes, and almost didn’t pass any of my fcats. This year, all summer long, I told myself I was going to try. I told myself that I could pass with flying colors and that I would. Now the school year is half up and I got very good grades and a high GPA. So see its all about what you convince yourself you can or cannot do. That’s why I believe in the power of positive thinking