Loving My Body

Mariah - North Port, Florida
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I’ve never really given much thought about what an average body of an American girl should look. Not until my seventh grade year when a group of size 2’s made a myspace saying who’s hot and who’s not, titled Baileys Top Ten. There was only one blog that caught my attention, subject ‘fat ass’ I opened it expecting a half ton person laying on the couch with a bag of chips. But what do I see a girl the same size as me at least, or even ten pounds thinner enjoying a sandwich at lunch. Why was she ‘fat?’ Because she wasn’t the size two you saw in fashion magazines, or the Victoria secret model you watch walk the runway. I realized then that’s a standard for those girls their bodies aren’t really made for that. They probably all live off diet pepsi and cigarettes. They force their bodies to be accepted. I should be loving my body for what it is. Not forcing it to look like all the rest. My body was all my own not another one alike, so why would I want to change it? I’d like to feel beautiful in my own skin, enjoying every minute of life in my own state of mind. With my size nine hips and large shirt I’ll have appreciation for my shape. I won’t result in dieting or starvation to be recognized as skinny or sexy. I’ll believe in me and loving my body. No matter what people say I will always believe this because I know they are all just like the others expecting everybody who’s ‘normal’ to be size two. Not being able to get through the day because I haven’t eaten or because I know that if I gain two pounds I wont be able to walk the runway or fit in my favorite pair of double zero jeans doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. So I’ll stick with my belief in loving my body for what it is.