Freedom- The gift we all were given

Christopher - North Port, Florida
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

Freedom is the most important thing that people, animals, or whatever sentient being you desire to put here, can have. We were not put on this Earth to have our restrictions set by other human beings. We are all equal and should never have to answer to the police, teachers, government officials, etc. as they should be on the same level as us.

For everyone there should always be a limit to freedom, but it should not be much. As long as you do not infringe on other people’s ability to be free and live a happy life then to me it’s fair game. You should not be able to kill or cause any permanent physical damage, or cause an environment that prevents the freedom of another.

In the same idea, if you do infringe on another person’s right to be free and happy, then it should be an eye for an eye. If you set rules you should have to follow them while everyone else is free. If you break a finger you should get one broken. IF you dish it you should be able to take it, simple as that.

Our ability to live as free human beings is tested and lied about daily. People say that our nation is free but in all honesty they have no idea what freedom is, because we certainly are not a free nation. It’s frustrating that people compare us to other nations to say we’re free, because just because we’re better off than the other guy does not mean we are free. Classroom rules, laws, parental restrictions all take away from what is supposed to be the framework of our country: Freedom. My supreme test of my sense of freedom comes when people try to take my freedom away.

There are many times when my ability to recognize other’s right to freedom is taken away, particularly when they do the same to me. A prime example of this was the first time I was ever grounded by my parents. “What right do they have to decide what I can and can’t do and take away my ability to have fun because of it?” the thought coursed through my head like a rapid waterfall. I wanted my parents to suffer the same fate and not be able to enjoy themselves just like I could not.

Then I came to a strong realization, especially when you consider how young my age was at the time. I began to realize I was becoming as hypocritical as them and as the American government. Just because they lie to themselves and others about freedom does not mean that I have to be the same way. They may not practice what they preach, but I can promise you that I will. The lesson is that even if your values are ripped out of your hands, you have to hold on as hard as you can.