My Unrelated Sisters

Nalini - 63146, Missouri
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I consider myself to be a happy-go-lucky person but there are just some days when I feel all alone and I just can’t stand the time passing by. That day is usually when I have experienced something that just brings me down. Then out of nowhere I get this phone call with a very bubbly voice on the other end. Almost instantly my mood has gone from extremely droopy to super cheerful. That one little invitation to hang out with my closet friends fills my heart with joy to know that I am actually valued by others. My friends are the weirdest people I have ever had the pleasure to know. But aren’t we all just a bunch of weirdoes when we are together with people who are like our family?

Every time I’m with these wonderfully random people I wonder “How did I meet these weirdoes?”. Soon I just get lost in all of the corny jokes we make and how I wish I could always be close with my friends. So in my group of close friends who are definitely eccentric, I am the youngest. Even though I am the youngest I find it so ironic that I am the tallest out of the group. Sometimes I also feel like I am the most responsible out of the group, but that is so not true. In my normal everyday life I am always 2 years younger than everyone in my grade. So in order to seem normal I have to act as mature as everyone else. This makes me sick to my stomach sitting in school listening to how I’m supposed to act my age. How should I know how to act when I’ve been different from everyone else?

My only freedom from this is when I hang out with my friends or should I say sisters. I have a close connection with all of them. Sometimes I think back to when we all were not close friends all like strangers but now we are like family. It warms my heart to know that I have people I can depend on who know the real me. Without my friends I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. Many of my first impressions were very, very wrong. Now I can clearly see my friends for who they are.

Whenever I am hanging out with my weird buddies I just feel so uplifted and happy, like I’m together with my family. Even though most of the time we have some kind of drama happening between friends, things still work out in ways unimaginable. If you can’t already guess I believe that my closest friends are and always will be my sisters.