To Change a Moment

Jayson - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that I do not have to change the world, but just a moment. Asking most people, many would probably say that I say pessimistic or ridiculous things but with that comes a realization: I was honored to be born and am honored to still be living, an honor that only about 6.7 billion people can say they have. Being my passion is sports; I understand that when an athlete or a whole team is honored, they often give back to their community. Since my honor is being alive, I give back, by making a change.

People have changed the world and they will be remembered forever, in history books…and national holidays. Whether they made a change for the good or for the bad, they still altered it somehow. To think that I will single-handedly change the world is far fetched and highly unlikely, but just making a difference in a moment or many moments is still a change. I doubt that I will get in the newspaper or on television, but criminals can find themselves there too; so it is no big deal.

Every person has their own ideas and definitions of words, defining moment is no different. I define it as anything in time, no matter what length, as short as a second, as long as a lifetime, or even beyond. It is from this definition that I believe I can make a change. Making a change should not have to be significant. Maybe I will save a person’s life, maybe I will write a best-seller, maybe I could make it as a professional athlete, or maybe I will become president. They all start with maybe, ideas that naïve children have before realizing what they can do. Changing a moment, to me, is simple. There are many things that I know which includes how to change a moment. I know that I can make people smile, when I get them to laugh with me; I do it all the time by my crazy antics and completely irrelevant remarks. For that very thing, an innocent smile and a beautiful laugh, I believe is changing the moment. It is making a difference to someone, if only for a second. Maybe I am in the wrong, and make someone cry, even just two tears, one in each eye, it is another change. These simple changes that I do every day are my way of giving back. I am not perfect and it offends me when I am told so. I do not have to be perfect, brilliant, amazing, or the best. All I want to do is make a difference in someone’s life. Even if only just once, because what might be meaningless to one could be the most meaningful to another. I may not ever know that I have done anything, but making a difference in any way is changing the moment.