How I Get By…

Ashleigh - Provo, Utah
Entered on December 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It is who I am that gets me through the day. Who I was born to be and who I am meant to become gives me the strength to face doubt and uncertainty. To make my own way in this world. To know who I am and find my place in it. I believe that there is something greater than me out there who is in control, that this something loves me and knows who I am, have always been and who I have the potential to become. To know that life is difficulty for a reason. To have faced that difficulty and to see in the end how I have become a better, stronger, more sure version of myself. This has given me the ability to trust that life through its perils and challenge is only meant to help me. In this very odd sort of way I know that all is not in vain. When all has seemed to be lost, when darkness and uncertainty seemed to rise up around me threatening to destroy, I have felt, after holding on just a moment more, the sweeping of it all receding and the light of a new day breaks from the shadows. Breaking through my doubt and fear, showing me that all is never lost, that nothing is as it seems and if I just wait and hope, I will one day see with my own eyes the miracle that had been wrought. And I could not see it at the time. Learning is the great meaning of life. It is not in our nature to be perfect, but perfection can ultimately be learned. A better way always rises to the surface. We just have to know where to look for it, find our source of truth. I believe there is an easy way to happiness. I believe it is in our nature to complicate life: acting out of fear only perpetuates fear. The greatest remedy of all is love; pure and untainted. It will always cast out the fear. Love, forgiveness, and virtues like honestly, humility and hard work are the answers. There have been times when I have scoffed in the easiness of this way and have suffered in the dark as a result. These attributes lift and inspire, and a reliance upon the something greater than myself gives me the strength I need to do and become more than I am capable of. It is this gift of strength that helps me to overcome my weakness and imperfection, that watches over me and leads me through each low and high. Each dark and stormy night and each glorious breaking sunrise. It is real and very much alive. This I believe, that we can become much more than we now are, that the way is simple, that good only comes after difficulty and anything worthwhile takes work and sacrifice.