Traditions Make the Holidays Worthwhile

Anita - Hamilton Square, New Jersey
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in traditions during the holidays.

The holiday time is the most hectic time in my family’s house. We are always rushing around to make last minute adjustments before the rest of our family comes to celebrate the Christmas Break with us. The house always smells like Windex and cookies baking. While the vacuum cleaner is blasting as my dad tries to clean every corner of the house. My brother and I have a simple job; clean our rooms, and then attack the mess we call the family room.

My mom is probably the busiest and most stressed out of all of us. My mom is a perfectionist and strives for good impressions, not to make her sound vain. She does not tolerate laziness, messiness, or a job only half done. The best strategy is to keep out of her way and always look like as though you are working on something. Because if she catches you being lazy or not helping then you better expect a good yelling.

This time of the year my family always comes together and works as a team. After we are done cleaning the whole house, we proceed with the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is one of many traditions in our family. My dad assembles the tree first, complete with lights. Second, we put on all of the ornaments and ribbons. Third, we put on all the special ornaments that are either shiny or home made. Next, we wrap a very long string of pearls around the tree. Then, we finish the decorating with the star on top. But my favorite part is at the end when we plug the lights in and the whole tree suddenly sparkles. Every time I see our tree light up it always seems magical, and it makes me so happy to see the tree shine and glitter.

After the tree is done, my brother and father have their own tradition. They always put the decorations up on our front yard. We have those swirley trees and light up reindeer that make our front yard look like a forest with deer in it. My dad always borrows a ladder from our neighbors and hangs the icicle lights from the edge of the roof. And to complete our yard we hang a wreath on our front door.

However, my favorite tradition is baking cookies for Santa. This used to be my mom and my tradition but recently my brother bakes the cookies with us too. We don’t make just any Christmas cookies…we make Rudolph cookies. Complete with pretzels as the antlers, one red M&M for the nose, and two brown M&Ms for the eyes. The night we bake the cookies, we do not go to bed without splitting one of the Rudolph cookies between the three of us.

I believe that these traditions bring my family together during the holidays. I believe that the decorations, cookies, and quality time you spend with your family makes the holidays worthwhile.