This i believe

dana - 45056, Ohio
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In my life I have seen, heard and experienced a lot, too much for my taste. I’ve been hurt, cheated and stabbed in the back by the ones I hold closest to me. That’s what makes my life so miserable and unforgettable; it’s all made me what I am today. Its just that sometimes I just wish I can just go to sleep and never wake up, to have a peaceful, non-tragic death, to just vanish into history and into the minds and thoughts of those that have known me. It’s not that simple. It seems like to the universe it’s all just a cruel game for the tortured and tormented. Almost like a soap opera, but when everything is good, it gets boring and dull; it gets cancelled like a bad sitcom. The tragic, depressing lives of people are the ones that are always remembered. No one remembers the “goody-goody-two-shoes” or the on-a-roll-student when they’re gone. Everyone just remembers the crack-heads, junkies, and mean girls. I mean sure it’s not fair or right but that’s life for you. That’s why I believe that “all the good die young and are forgotten, but us mean girls last forever in the history books.” All of the mean girls that have just scared you all these years are the ones who have had the most effect on you, because they made you feel fear, a rare feeling but a strong one at that. And as for all the crack-heads and the junkies, they also would just scare the crap out of you just because they were “crazy” and nothing like you or your clone friends. All of the “good” people are just all the same, like robots, like they were programmed at birth and stuck that way, just to fit in. So of course you’re not going to remember each one of them individually because they aren’t individuals. The other people, the “originals,” you can pick them out of a crowd easy because they are recognizable, they are unique. And that’s why the good are forgotten and the others are always remembered.