my longest fight

Luis - Santee, California
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

I have been playing soccer pretty much my whole life. Soccer is my favorite sport, hobby, or whatever you want to call it. Soccer has taught me a lot about life and the sport itself. There was one specific time in my long years of playing soccer that changed the way I thought about accomplishing things. I was twelve and I was in the process of trying out for my first club team. I realized how much better the other players were and I felt out of place. I was nervous and knew I was not going to make the team and I did not. The following year I came back and tried out again, this time with more excitement and confidence but I was still not good enough in the coach’s opinion. This definitely dropped my confidence and I felt like I was not good enough and should just quit, I even cried. I decided that I was going to attempt making the team one last time. Finally I made it.

After my tough experience I noticed that hard work could get me anywhere in life. There are many times that we have goals or want to accomplish something but give up at it because it gets difficult or it requires a lot of work. I have come to realize that we do not become what we want to become because we are afraid of achieving great things. We fear that the road to the finish line is long and difficult so we give up or don’t try.

Soccer has made look at life differently. Even though I still don’t achieve my goals and give up at many things, I hope one day I learn to fight until the end and to never give up like the time I struggled to get on a soccer team.