True Love

Kaitlyn - Manchester, Missouri
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that for everyone, they have a soul mate out there in the world. Mine, at the moment is in South Carolina, working at the nasty greasebucket Wendy’s. His name is Marcus, and we’ve only been dating since September 20th, 2008, but I know, I know deep inside that he was always meant for me. I’m a writer, and so is he. We have a lot of the same passions, but in some cases for different couples, that’s not true. But for Marcus and I, it just happens to be that way. True love is a rare thing and often it takes people their entire lives to find the right person, and when they do, at that very moment, and every time they’re with them, or even just talking to them, the person’s heart races, they get the all-time favorite “butterflies” and they just know they were meant to be.

Then, there are the non-believers, those that think that there is no such thing as true love. They think that there is not a person meant for another.

Sometimes love is hard to come by. Like for me. I have trouble actually finding a guy to date that actually lives IN St. Louis, but instead they always live THOUSANDS of miles away. And to top it all off, barely anyone supports my relationship with Marcus. All except one– she’s happy, I’m happy. I’ve known her all of a couple months and already we’re like total sisters.

Sometimes true love ends up being tragic, as seen in any Romeo and Juliet related story. They die in the end because their families are feuding! So not cool! I mean, Juliet meets Romeo by chance at a costume ball and instantly they fall in love! Insane but romantic. But people do crazy things for love. Like buying stars…that’s totally romantic…if you’re filthy rich. But for those with a very tight budget, a bouquet of flowers or a simple box of chocolates would do. But for some women, it takes a lot….of spoiling…yeah, I’ll go with that word.

There are a lot of people out there that believe in true love just as much as me and the next person, and when they find a true love of their own, it’s not a dream anymore—it’s a reality.

The problem is with the boys and girls who think they are really in love but later find out they aren’t and decide in the middle of the relationship to cheat on the other person. If you ask me, that’s totally cheap. Why on earth would someone cheat on someone else just because they’re unhappy? If you’re unhappy, just end the relationship. But then there are the psychotic girlfriends or boyfriends that threaten to kill you if you break up them. Scaaaaarrrrry.

But anyway, being in love is a blessing, not a torture device. You can’t be like, oh, I’m torturing myself and my significant other by being “in love”. It’s not torture! Unless you’re so in love with someone that it hurts. Then, I guess, you can classify it as torture.