The power of word is enormous.

Doreen - USA
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Has someone’s word made you humming all day? Just a small statement makes people happy.” You look nice today” or “Hard work for today” those will make you feel better. The power of word is enormous.

Nanny 911, one of the reality TV program, shows the family’s development process of unmanageable children. Nanny sets up a board on the side of living room. And then each child has a chore as duty and each time they will get a sticker. In purpose, to encourage them, prize them a candy for every 10 of them. Their simple idea fixes their way of thinking and behavior. Through the experience, children learn how to have appreciation of making dinner, cleaning and other house works.

Do you know most of public entertainers stand on the stage for feeling of pleasure from audience’s hand clapping or shout of joy? For addition, they mention “reorganization overcomes people’s critical judge or hasty schedule.” It stimulates them to have motif and fans are the source of the energy.

I hated to play racquetball at the begging. Because I was horrible at it, and even swinging racquet in the empty air. However this is my second year of playing and it became my favorite sport. The coach’s compliment is the only reason for playing at the first. She didn’t blame me for losing game but putting more meaning on getting better or fun.

I believe that compliment makes people happy. To define compliment, it is an expression of praise and admiration or approval. Naturally recommendation or encouragement always makes people least to try better job. An effect of compliment is undeniable. It makes people happier and better. You don’t have to put much effort on it. Let’s try to say some nice words with a smile to acquaintance. It might set up other’s happy feeling for all day long.