Let Go

John - 77494
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: place, pleasure

This I believe

I believe that life can become so hectic that a person needs to find a place to let go of his worries. It is okay to let life slowdown. My place to get away from our fast pace society is at my grandfather’s farm in Oklahoma.

At his farm, there sits a large pond. There are pine trees that surround the entire pond. When I sit on the dock looking out onto the pond, all is peaceful. There are no cars driving by, televisions blaring, or phones ringing. I am able to sit and let everything soak in. There are the sounds of birds singing, grasshoppers flying, and fish splashing. I can usually see my reflection and the reflection of trees crystal clear on the pond. Only a leave falling from a tree breaks the peace.

I love the feeling of letting my life come to a standstill. Nothing can bother me out at the farm. My brain can rest, my blood pressure can drop, and my stress disappears.

It is wonderful to get away from reality. I like to sometimes persuade myself that I do not have time to get away. However, when I end up at my grandfather’s farm, my body becomes rejuvenated. There is more to life than always being busy.

I see people that are so stressed out that they feel that all is hopeless. It is sad to know that some people feel that they can never get away and find a place to let everything go.

I am usually a high-strung individual. Sometimes I feel that my stress will never leave me. I am driven like so many others to fulfill my dreams, and I feel that if I stop for just a moment others might pass me. However, I have to remind myself of how I feel when I go to my grandfather’s farm.

I believe that most everyone knows of a place that when he is there that he becomes filled with an indescribable happiness. It is hard to take the first step to letting go and allowing yourself to go to this place, but once you are there, happiness awaits. You deserve to let your body take a much need rest.