Who is to blame?

Caroline - North Port, Florida
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everybody can make their own choices and they are responsible for their own mistakes.

I was taught this life lesson by my parents. This was something that I always knew deep in my mind, but never really thought about much. I didn’t realise the hurt that could come with false accusation, blame and lies. This really dawned on me last year.

One of my best friends became a completely different person almost overnight. She told lies about me to my brother and her friends and she almost got my brother arrested.

Before all this had happened, I had always tried to help and support her all that I could. I alwasy reassured her that she was a good person and people did like her. None of this worked, so I felt bad and even blamed my self for her problems.

At the end she realised that she had lost a lot of friends, adn tried to blame everyone else for her problems and what she had done. I felt as if she had betreyed my trust and I knew our friendship could never be the same again.

I realised that she was the one who controlled her own destiny, and she was the only one hurting herself. If she wanted to be happier and fix her life it would have been easier for her to admit her problems to herself and move on to strive and be a better person.

I now know that I never want to be sucked down in to depression so I have to keep to my morals and stay strong. I understand that I am the only person who controls my destiny and I can be a good person. Maybe if everyone thought like this, then it would be easier for the world to be happy again.