the road not dreamt about

jordan - Blue Springs, Missouri
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe dreams evolve. At first I was going to write this on the fact that I believe that dreams are meant to be stepped on, but the more I said it the less I liked it. Because, you see dreams aren’t meant to be stepped on, they’re meant to form you as a person, they’re meant to keep the hope alive in you that there may be a god, there meant to matter to the person that dreams it, they’re meant to be achieved, and if not achieved, evolved to an achievable level.

Every little girl wants to be the next pop star, but few will actually become one. Although only few will be one, they will all eventually achieve that dream, because of the simple fact that emotions change, and dreams evolve. What once was a little girl, who wanted to be a singer, is now the vocal teacher at the local elementary school. What once was a little girl, who wanted to be a singer, is now a food scientist who has come up with the perfect water for opera singers. What once was a little girl who wanted to be a singer, is now a sound engineer that has come up with a new innovative sound proof equipment.

I personally have always wanted to be a Las Vegas stage magician, but the more I looked at the possibilities of that happening I realized that it probably won’t happen. But I quickly found out that magic isn’t done just to entertain people in Vegas. Magic is used in hospitals to provide physical therapy for stroke recovering patients, magic is used in law enforcements to show cops where weapons can be hidden and ways restraints can be escaped. So even though I probably won’t become a Vegas stage magician, my goal can still be achieved by helping people who really need help, and not just people who want to be entertained.

I am in no way saying you should give up on your hard to reach goals and dreams, in fact I encourage everyone who reads this to chase after their biggest dreams and goals. But, if you find a different route you want to take, then take it. But never regret the fact your dreams evolved and you took a different path, because life is way too short to mope around felling sorry for yourself and regretting all your decisions. You have to move on focus on your new dreams and goals. You have to focus on being who you want to be.

But no matter what you choose to do just make sure you at least dream and continue to dream. A life without dreams isn’t really a life… so dream, dream, dream till’ you can’t think about anything else other than your ACCOPLISHABLE drams.