I believe In DDR.

Dhanmattie - 34286, Florida
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in DDR, Dance Dance Revolution. Being a teenager I’ve learned that the problems we go through seem to be known as ‘phases’. I’ve also heard that since we aren’t out in the ‘real world’ we shouldn’t hold any burdens. Yet, when does the ‘real world’ begin, if not the minute we step out of bed or leave the house?

To me, crying seems like a reflex that cannot be helped, sometimes you just have to give in. However, when I cry I don’t enjoy the feeling nor do I feel any ‘better’. On my voyage to high school I’ve dealt with several situations including family problems and the common ‘boy’ troubles. I still cannot say I’ve solved any significant problems with one tear drop! I know as a teenager, certain measures may be considered in order to cope with stress, and these measures are often harmful to the body and soul.

This is why I’ve been acquainted to DDR. Dance Dance Revolution is a video game accompanied with a mat, allowing you to physically ‘dance’ to the steps on the screen. DDR is not just a game, it is my stress reliever.

DDR was introduced to me at a friend’s home during a difficult time. I was under a lot of stress due to conflicts between my family. I worried too much in fear of losing a parent or sibling. Some days I would wake up with wet eyes in the same condition I’ve left them in before departing into slumber. Yet, I would find myself hovering over her home to play each day.

DDR did what everyone else couldn’t; it made me feel proud of myself. Despite the issues I’ve encountered whether I was in the wrong or not, DDR did not remind me. The first few weeks of playing I was horrible and now I am pretty fast. I’ve learned that progress comes within practice. The feeling DDR gives me during game play lasts even after the matt is folded and returned to my closet. I feel accomplished and proud because I did something positive for myself, which cannot be denied by anyone else.

No matter how angry I feel inside or miserable I’ve learned to mature my emotions. My relationship with my mother has improved due to our ability to listen and understand each other without getting too aggressive. As far as my boy troubles go, I know DDR will always be my first love and only love, at least from this point of time