Individuality Shows Itself in Unique Ways

Jordan - NorthPort, Missouri
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Individuality shows itself in unique ways

I started to realize that individuality showed itself in unique ways when I was in the second grade. We were doing math and I started to subtract numbers and going into the negative even though it hadn’t been taught. Some other kid was adding and subtracting large numbers by putting them on top of each other. This is an example of how individuality shows itself in unique ways.

Every person is capable of different things just like how every one believes in different things. It is personal experience that makes individuality show itself in unique ways. I picked up negatives from my mother who was an accountant and that kid was taught how to add like that from an older sibling. We knew something that no one else did. Sure, through time others would come to know simple things like that but by then there would be other unique ways to show our individuality. Other things that we experienced determined the unique way that we show it.

Even people who look the same and seem to act the same show their individuality in their unique ways from one another. I know twins that everyone always gets mixed up. On the outside they seem to be the same to most people. Even though they are silent around people they don’t know if you get to know them you can find that unique way that they show their individuality. When it gets cold outside they will wear jackets. If one of them is wearing a jacket so will the other one for the most part but one of them always wears his jacket open while the other always leaves his jacket closed. Another way that their individuality shows in unique ways is that although they are hard to get to laugh one of them refuses to laugh at all in school and will only laugh at home.

Although people act the same while they are in a group and appear to have no individuality at all they do. They will do whatever someone else is doing but that doesn’t mean they are thinking the same thing. While one of them thinks that it was an amazing idea the other might think that it is a complete waste of time. They have different ways of showing there individuality just not in a group.

I believe that individuality shows itself in unique ways!