Four years ago I met a guy

Harris - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Four years ago I met a guy, who I always knew, but now looked at in a different way, we started as just friends, but a year later he came back changed, in a way that has nothing to do with looks. He was mature, caring, and awfully loving to me.

When we first started dating everything seemed to go just right, almost perfect. No problems, no first date awkwardness, nothing. And when Rita hit he left to Austin while I sat through the storm. It was the longest time we ever talked on the phone and the first time he told me the words “I love you.” But it didn’t come out in just those words; he explained to me how he knew and what made him want to tell me.

He told me about he has dated a lot of women but there wasn’t a relationship beyond two weeks, how he always thought he found someone or something better, but that with me I was different, I was everything he could have ever wanted. And that’s when the words “I love you” came off his lips.

We by all means have had our fair share of trouble but one thing that will always get us through is our love for one another. It keeps us always wanting to come back for more, it makes us stronger, gives you something to hold on to when it seems nothing is there.

Beauty can be many things and so can love. Love can be unique and even crazy at some points, but like beauty it makes things interesting and different. Love can be passionate and warm and that can also be beautiful. And love can be perfect, and too many people perfect is a matter of opinion but then again so is beauty. Love is a great many things just like beauty, but love will always be beautiful. And that is just like my four year relationship.

It may have bumps in the road but to us it’s perfect. It is the most beautiful thing we have, and we will cherish it to the end. It makes us happy and when we are sad and we fight that just brings us closer. And it drives us crazy because when you give your whole heart to someone it may get a few bruises because they have to learn way to care for it and get use to it, because no matter how many time you’ve been in love it will always feel new again.

On my day of blindness I saw with out actually seeing, that the man I love has learned how to care about me that now a can completely trust to put my mind body and soul into him and know it won’t get hurt. And that’s why I believe love is beautiful, unique and very much so, crazy. Sometimes it becomes unclear when you try to look to close and you end up thinking to much and sometimes is just better to be blinded. Because you can then feel and understand love and beauty, rather then just seeing, because seeing isn’t always believing.