moving around

Santino - santee, California
Entered on December 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Because my dad was in the navy, me and him were moving from place to place, I was moving from school to school. At first I will admit that I wasn’t so excited to move. I would get mad and find some place to hide so I wouldn’t have to go and when he found me I would throw a tantrum. I usually hide under my bed or in the closet, this was when I was little, but he would always find me and drag me out. The I would sit in the car waiting for the trip to be over. It was a bad thought when thinking that I would be leaving my friends, eventually I forgot all about it and moved on. And after a couple moves I just said to myself “hey while I’m here why not enjoy my time here until the next move”. So once we found our new home and finished the agonizing unpacking, I waited until tomorrow, go to my new school and find some new friends to hang out with for a while. I never thought about the move I only thought of the new people I would meet. I’ve learned that you can’t change the past or fight what’s going to happen, but you can only enjoy the ride and wait for it to end and get on a new ride. I’ve also learned that people who don’t enjoy the ride are miserable and negative, and just think of the bad times and never look on the positive side of things.