I Am The Prophet Matt

Matt - Plainsboro, New Jersey
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that every human being, no matter what they think, has one God. Their God is their conscious. Every one believes something. That something is the message of their conscious. It is the message of their own God. My God is strong. My conscious tells me what I did was wrong. My conscious tells me what I did was right. And in that sense, I am a prophet. I talk to my God, and so does every, other, thinking person. Every human can change the world. I believe that every human being is a messenger of their God.

When I was in the sixth grade, my very first year at my Middle School, I remember thinking this: Why does everyone here hate their Earth? They would litter, throw their wrappers on the ground. They would place cans in the garbage, even when there was a recycling bin right next to them. They just didn’t care about their Earth. Then my God spoke to me. My conscious told me that what they did was wrong. My conscious told me I needed to fix the problem. So through all my years at Middle School, I carried out the message of my God. Student by student, class by class, I tried to tell others what my God thinks. I told them: Recycle! Don’t throw out that piece of paper! I told them: Stop! Don’t throw that wrapper on the ground! And most importantly, I told my fellow students why. I told them that we had only one Earth. I told them that we share this planet with other living beings-Innocent birds, fish, Polar Bears. And I, Prophet Matt, spread the word of my God. I am a messenger of my conscious.

I was first opened to the idea of “One God per Person” at my Hebrew school. We were taught that every person could have their own opinion on who/ what is God. I knew what I thought about God, but I could not put it to words. I thought I was the only person who believed that God was your conscious! I was wrong. Our Jewish activity was to go around the room, and look for a quote that described our feelings about God. I didn’t quite know what I was looking for. There were various quotes I picked up, including: “There is only one God” and “God isn’t involved in our life today.” But I finally found a quote that fit me. Perfectly. “God is your conscious.” That quote is so beautiful. It makes me tear when I look at it. God is what you want it to be. God IS your conscious.

In my eight grade Social Studies class, we learned about the Prophet Muhammad, and how he spread the message of Islam. We were taught that Muslims believe when Muhammad was praying in a cave, the Angel Gabriel spoke to him, and told him the message of God. I do believe Muhammad was a prophet- every human being is a prophet-And I do believe he was taught the message of “God.” But that “God” is his God. I know Muhammad didn’t speak to Angel from “the Heavens,” but I do believe Muhammad spoke the poor. His God told him the Government was corrupt. So he did spread the message of to his God. His conscious told him that life in Saudi Arabia wasn’t good for God; he spread the message of his God. So really, I believe in more than one God. I believe that every human being has a God, but yet, I only have one. According to my Rabbi, I’m not a Jew. So what am I? I can’t be Atheist, so I must be-I must be myself. I must be a Matt, who has his very own God. I am the Prophet Matt.

During my days campaigning for Barack Obama presidential bid, I came across a shirt, a shirt that I am wearing at this moment. It says: One voice can change the world. And it’s true. Wherever I went, I carried my voice, and my God with me. I brought them both with me everywhere. My voice changed minds. Barack Obama’s God told Barack to change the world, so Barack tried to. And he need my help. I made phone calls. I knocked on doors. I registered voters. I held simple, simple, conversations, in which I stated why my God supported Barack Obama’s God. I was helping change the world, and I didn’t need an angel to do it! But that gets to guilt. That gets to accidentally changing the world. Occasionally, I would stutter. I would get so nervous, I’d forget what to say. And because of that, the message of Barack Obama’s God suffered. And it was my fault. Of course I didn’t mean to hurt the movement for change, but I did. My God still won’t forgive me. God and I, we are partners. We work together to carry out our message. My God and I work for what we think is best.

So this I believe- I believe every human being has a voice. I believe every human being, if they work hard enough, can change the world. And I do believe in more than 6 billion gods, but I know that I work with only one of them. My God is a good God. My God knows what is right, and what is wrong. My God is strong. My God believes in equality, and in justice. I am my God. My God is me. I know what is right, I know what is wrong. I believe in hard work, and so does my God. What we believe in, is what us alone believe in. Everyone has a different God with a different opinion. Everyone is different, and that’s good. I believe every being will never be alone- because they have their God to comfort them, and much more importantly, to work with them.