Impressing Others is Overrated

Charles - Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyday I walk through the halls of school and see kids who are constantly looking to impress others with their actions. I see kids who are dying for attention but aren’t looking in the right places for it; Kids who are lost and looking for someone to impress.

In life everyone is looking for acceptance and I have been there myself, just searching for the type of thing that I fit into. I have never been the most athletic or most outspoken person and in high school it seems that those two things are all that matters. However now that I am a senior my outlook has completely changed. I have seen my friends who were searching for the same things have to go through some seriously disappointing times and through intense pain.

What clique do you fall in? That is the question that is constant through high school. This is the question that leads so many people to destroying there future with the simple choices they make in order to impress people in order to be cool and be in the “IN” crowd. I believe that this is a totally wrong way to look at life.

I believe that people need to be themselves and not act a certain way in order to impress others. Impressing others is so overrated and it will only force you to continue to carry on being someone that you truly aren’t. I had to face it and realize that some things in high school are more important than others. After seeing my friend’s life destroyed by drugs and alcohol just to hang out with a certain crowd really opened my eyes to the choices that I was making. I decided that my life was not going to be about fitting in. It was going to be about being myself and enjoying life without having to be fake and attempting to impress others.

As I look at my future and realize how lucky I am that I realized what choices I needed to make early on in order to be successful I am thankful. All of my high school years have allowed me to realize a true belief in my heart which is to live your life and be who you are, don’t spend all your time making dumb choices in an attempt to impress others.