I believe in that art and entertainment of film

Peter - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in entertainment and art of film. I believe movies inspire and challenge us to think differently about life. And not just one aspect of life, movies can give us new and different perspectives on life as well as all human emotions. Yes, they often give us a false sense of reality, but what’s wrong with that? If it were not for that euphoric feeling you get at the climax of a movie no one would watch them. For me, it is the sarcasm and ridiculousness of some movies that change and shape my sense of humor. Movies can put a new spin on life in a way that makes even the sourest person explode with laughter.

Growing up, watching movies and appreciating the humor in them brought me and my family together in a special way. Living with four brothers, we all found our own niches and developed different skills and styles but when it came to movies we all shared an appreciation that still radiates to this day. We always found our selves quoting and sharing jokes from different movies we had watched together hundreds of times. At any family gathering the things that always sparked an easy conversation between my brothers and I was movies. Even outside of my family I found my self connecting most with people by telling jokes from movies or quoting a funny line at the perfect moment. My friends and I could quote some movies line for line and never get tired of it.

Beyond the humor and sarcasm, films can take the small things in life and really bring out the meaning. Whether it has to do with relationships, working environments, politics, or millions of other ironic situations movies show life in way that was unseen before. Contrary to what most people believe, movies can also be very educational. They can teach us important facts about history, politics and law, and even life lessons however corny they may be.

The thing that gets most people though is that brief two hour escape from reality. When we involuntarily get absorbed into a character’s life style and become empathetic with every thing they do. When we naturally root for the under dog and hope the bad guy gets caught or doesn’t get caught. Movies give us hope and show us we shouldn’t take life too seriously. I believe in the one thing that truly cheers me up and could always cure my boredom, watching movies.