Fishing is a way of life.

Nicholas - orchard park, New York
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

I believe that the great outdoors has some great lessons to offer me. It teaches me a lot about life and where I am going in life. The fresh air is calming, peaceful, and it’s relaxing.

I have been a good fishermen for about four years now and I started when I was six years old. I use to catch so many fish that my parents use to put no bait on the hook because, they didn’t want to keep taking the fish off. I often dream that I can be a professional fisherman someday. When I have my down days I love to go fishing because it brightens up my day. Or when I have a fish on, and my adrenaline rushes through the body so I can reel that fish in fast as I can. One time I was fishing with my friend at this hot spot, and I had a fish on and it took off swimming. My heart was rushing 1000mph, and it was so fun, and when I got it to shore it was 22 lbs. and I wasn’t sad the rest of the day. Fishing calms me down when times get tough.

My first time ice fishing with my dad was a fun time and all, but we didn’t catch anything, so I was mad. The next weekend we went out, and within 10minutes I had a fish on. I was happy and have to learn that I need to be patient when I go fishing. For ice fishing you put the line in a hole and wait till your pole starts to move. You need to be patient. When you are on the ice you have a lot of time to think about life it’s self and what’s next. Fishing is a good part of life to me.

Fishing doesn’t seem like it is a real sport, or if it’s real hard work, but it is. You have to have a lot of practice, timing, styles. It’s like living life in different ways when times get rough. My passion is to be a fisherman. Sometimes I don’t even eat dinner or even know what time it is and I don’t care I love this sport. It teaches me a lesson, and gives me stamina.

I’m so into fishing that no one can stop me from doing what I love. Maybe someday I’ll be rich and famous but that’s just fine if I‘m not.