The Solution

Emily - orchard park, New York
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I hit the alarm clock to get up, I wonder what will happen to me today .I experience a lot of obstacles in my life. They can come at different places and from different people such as at home, school, and job. I believe that people should be able to live their life without “constant” obstacles happening. However, obstacles always present themselves an I believe overcoming obstacles in life make a person strong.

As I get to my school I open the door walk in and wonder what clever names kids would call me today but im ready for them. I get pick on a lot at school so my day at school can be pretty horrible. It can make me crazy. When the teacher calls on me for an answer, I say nothing for about a minute because I’m scared to say a wrong answer. One day in math class, I said the wrong answer and this kid said to the class “She got it wrong what a waste of educatding on this idiot”. This experience has taught me not to make fun of person just because he or she got the answer wrong and everybody learns at a different pace. I also get pick on because I’m in the self contained classes. I don’t know why teens mock kids who need to be in a smaller setting just because these students don’t get things right a way doesn’t make them stupid. One of my cousins has also experiences this problem in school. I gave advice to him not listen to them and do your best. Try to meet new people who share the same interest I also told him. One of the last things I get pick on for is not having the “in” style. I just don’t see the point of paying all that money for a shirt just because it has a symbol on it, when you can go to a different store and get more shirts for your money. My advice to people who want to be the same like everybody else is to be happy with what you have and accept the way you are. You should live your life how yow you want and not to let others live it for you. Accept who you are, meeting new people and not changing yourself for others is all way to overcome obstacles at school.

At home I also deal with obstacles. My parents are the world to me, and I try to do well and make them proud. When I fail, I feel like I disappointed them, and I don’t want that. As an only child, I put pressure on myself to do better. However they are proud of me with what ever I do. They also don’t want me to change who I am. I learn form these mistakes to improve what ever I am doing.

Lastly I have a job as a baby sitter. One of the obstacles is to dealing with a child who does not listen to me and try to make hem understand why they have to do what I said. Talking to child’s parents and explained things can also be difficult because the child might say something different, than I. Parents may believe their child over me. Money is and issues too it because it seems like prices keep going up and up, but my fee stays the same.

Obstacles can come in different way and forms for all people. It is difficult to overcome them but if you stay strong then you will overcome them. Just don’t let things stay with you and just keep moving a head.