Living in fast forward

Chris - Rocklin, California
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people should slow down and not live their life so fast. I believe that people go “through the motions” every day and not take the time to cherish the things they have. I believe that people should stop living in the future, but live in the present.

We wake up in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, go to work or school, come home, do homework, watch TV, and go on the computer. Our days are monotonous. We do not take the time to notice how nice of a day it is outside, or say hello to our neighbor; we are too caught up living our busy lives and planning for the future. We are living for tomorrow and not enjoying the day today. Not spending time with the people we care about. Not doing the things we want to do. But always thinking about tomorrow and what comes next.

I believe that people would be happier if they did not worry so much about the things that they cannot change. I think that we should all live in the moment and take the time to care about each other, listen to each other, and help each other. Everyone should take a day off of school or work to spend time with the people they care about.

Very soon you notice your life will be more fulfilling and full of life. You will no longer “go through the motions”. You will be happier and have more fun. But most of all, you will cherish the things you have and the people you love.

Think about this question: if you have only six months left to live, what would you do not to regret your life? The answer reveals your deepest value and priorities. A few things I think people should do that would make them happier with life are to donate to charity, smile to others, play games, give gifts to others, stay honest, and keep your promises.

I try to all of these things because I feel that being honest and good to people will make you happy. I also think that the main point to our lives is to be happy. People say that money cannot buy happiness; this is true in a way. If you are an arrogant, mean, pessimistic person, even if you have lots of money then you probably will not be happy. If you are kind, nice, and optimistic, then you will probably be much happier, even if you have no money. This, I believe.