Always Remember

Axel - Roseville, California
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Always remember

My belief comes from my past and what I’ve learned from it. I believe in appreciating and cherishing our family, in knowing that we are very fortunate to have a family or close relatives.

Unfortunately, my childhood taught me this in a very difficult and unlikely way. When I was eight, I was always fighting with my brother and sister. My dad tells me that I was always getting in trouble. When I was eight, my mom gave birth to the fifth member of the family: a very little, little boy by the name of Jesus. Sadly, he was born with a bad heart. He was so fragile and small. By the time he was three; he had already gone through three painful heart surgeries and is still waiting for another. Amazingly, he’s now running, jumping and enjoying life. Tragedy struck us again when I was ten years old. From the shaking voice of my aunt, we had to hear that my mom and grandma had been in a car accident and passed away that night. I couldn’t believe that just like that my life had changed. I realized how fortunate I was to still have my dad and little brother, who were both in the same accident.

My belief isn’t just a feeling; it’s something I live by. Every time I leave my house or go far from home, I have to see my family and say something. No one knows what today or tomorrow might bring for us. I’ve learned that we should be happy for who have and not take our family for granted, or even our relatives and friends. Even though times get difficult and there are problems, I just see those problems as something small and not important. Then I remember that it’s my family and I’m very fortunate to have them. My dad tells us that respect and lessons in life start in the house. Life can change in an instance from good to bad, or bad to good. We just have to make the best of every day because “yesterday” won’t happen again and “today” isn’t here tomorrow. We should cherish who we have and know we are very fortunate to be able to appreciate those we call family- and that is what I believe.