Never give up on your dreams

James - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The thing that I believe in is never giving up in life. I say this because it gives me a positive attitude towards reaching a goal that seems impossible and difficult. I also believe that never giving up helps me through the tough times even when simple task to you is a challenge to me. In addition, it gives me a way to continue to push harder in life even when I feel satisfied with where I am.

My mom has been my inspiration. She has always fought for me so I would have a decent life. I have mild cerebral- palsy which makes some tasks more difficult for me to handle. She never gave up on me even when I thought I couldn’t. She gave me the motivation to keep working towards my goals in life. She always believed in me. Some of the things I remember is when she wanted me to learn how to ice skate. I never thought I would ever stand on the ice much less skate. Now I can even skate backwards and have moved up to the intermediate group. I was on T.V. last year with Kevin O’Neal at the Pepsi Center.

My mother has been my inspiration and has encouraged me to strive to do the best I can. She told me to think positive and tell myself I could do it. In sports I made it to the finals in the Youth Autumn Bowling Tournament. What a gratifying moment for me. I thought it would never happen. But I focused on the pins and got some pretty good scores. I got to bowl with some experienced bowlers. I did very well. In my electrical class at Potter Road Career Center, I have the motivation to work hard at the skill even thought I never wired an electrical box before. I know if I put my mind to doing a task, I can do it. I believe in me.

At low points in life, it gives me a sense of hope even when things seem so bleak. For Example, never giving up also helped me get over a rough moment in life when I lost my Grandma in 1999. It was the first time since my grandpa died that I had to experience death as a child. She was always there to teach me to try new foods she taught me to love she helped me learn how to stand in those horrible leg braces I had to wear. She was so proud when I took my first steps. She never gave up on me. She believed in me. From this experience, I have become more aware of how to enjoy life even though it can be short. In addition, it has made me realized never to take life for granted for what it is worth.

Having this belief in life has made me a better person. In addition, it makes me feel good inside making me keep a positive mind set. In addition, it gets me through whatever challenges I face during the day. And help me reach goals so I can Secede in life.