I Believe in miracles

Cesar - Rocklin, California
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Miracles do happen because I had experience miracles with my family, some friends and I have seen miracles by the television and because I need to believe in miracles right now.

One time my aunt was diagnostic with cancer and the doctors told her that there was nothing to do she was going to die but she could have dialysis to live a little bit longer, but she did not want to do it, so the doctors told her that she was going to live a month or two mostly because she was not going to take any medications but instead of that she live almost a year probably suffering and at the end she did want it to start the dialysis but the doctors told her that it was too late she wait to much to try to cure her self but it was a real miracle because she did not take any medicine or something and she live for almost a year.

Another story happen during thanksgiving break and my uncle from Mexico had a car accident and he live. The car was completely destroy and the doctor told my aunt that it really was a miracle that my uncle was alive after having that car accident because the car was in really bad conditions and he still live that is another reason why I believe in miracles.

I need to believe in miracles right now because my girlfriend is in the hospital in coma because she had a soccer accident where she and another girl of the other team impact their heads going for the ball losing a lot of blood until they got to the hospital and I’m praying, wishing, hoping that a miracle happen because she is the person with who I want to be all my life, and if she dies I will not longer believe anymore that life is fair, and my life will be so different and it probably will be destroyed. Thanks to god she is now better and she already got out of coma but she still is in the hospital getting better and stronger as she is.