Phoebe - Williamsburg, Ohio
Entered on December 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: tolerance

I believe that it is good to keep an open mind even if you don’t want to. In my home town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio the majority of people are republicans and I personally am a democrat. There, I always had to keep my political and religious views to myself outside of my home, because if I ever did voice my opinions they would just quickly be shot down. While my friends would go on and on about how much they loved god and McCain while bashing Obama, I would just sit there and not say anything because I didn’t want to disrespect their beliefs. The whole time I would sit there I couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel in my position. If they were the only one for McCain in a room full of Obama lovers bashing what they were for, would they stand up what for they believe in? I always felt that it would be disrespectful if I just came out and said that I felt differently. Because of this I constantly had to worry about what they thought about my personal beliefs and no one else did because everyone believed the same things they did. I knew that if I ever did say something they would just tare me down without any hesitation because, on the few times I slipped up they did. My friends were never open to discussing anything that wasn’t the same as their own views. At Bowling Green State University almost everyone is different and open minded unlike my friends and the people who I was surrounded by at home. Here, I am able to have an actual open discussion with the people around me. I no longer have to sensor what I believe or support I am actually free to believe what I want. It is nice to finally be around people who have the same political views and even if they don’t, they are still respectful of each others. Most people are open minded and open to having conversations about our different views, I like to think that I am pretty open minded and am not quick to judge other peoples religious and political views but, we don’t always see ourselves the way other people do.